Float Therapy

What is Float Therapy?

1000L of water + 550kg of Epsom salts + 35.5° water temp = Zero gravity floating experience

Float therapy aka sensory deprivation is when you float in a dark, soundproof pod, that is filled with about 1000 litres of water approximately 30cm deep with 550 kg of specially formulated Epsom salts, the water is heated to body temperature (35.5° C). Meaning it's almost impossible to differentiate between where your body is and where the water begins.

High levels of the Epsom- salts create a very buoyant solution decreasing the effect of gravity, allowing the floater to have an almost weightlessness experience.

Once in the float room you have full control over the experience, the room is yours for the duration of your float session, you are required to shower prior to and after the float, everything you need for your float session is supplied. There is a light inside the tank for your use, and an assistance button if you require any assistance during your float.

Benefits of Float Therapy

Pain relief

The high levels of magnesium in the tanks can help relieve chronic pain syndromes including arthritis, polymyalgia, fibromyalgia, general musculoskeletal pain including back neck, shoulder or tendinopathy pain. Magnesium absorbed via the skin can help to decrease inflammation in the body and decreases over stimulation of the mind and body.

Stress and anxiety relief

Float Therapy naturally places your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation, causing your brain to release endorphins and hormones that are essential for a happy brain and body.

Improved sleep

Float Therapy can encourage brain waves to transfer from the Alpha state to the Theta state. Theta brain waves are normally only experienced fleetingly as we wake or drift off to sleep and they create a deep sense of meditation. An increase in magnesium intake can also assist with insomnia symptoms

Physical recovery, joint health and injures

Gravity places a lot of stress on joints and musculoskeletal system, floating eliminates the gravitational forces creating a zero gravity environment which helps to relieve the pressure from joints and muscles, potentially assisting in an enhanced and quicker recovery from exercise including DOM’s and injuries.

Increased immune function

Float therapy allows your body time to rest and recover, allowing your stress hormones to be suppressed, which helps to enhance immunity.

Skin and hair health

Magnesium plays an import role in promoting hair follicle growth, resulting in healthy hair. Magnesium is involved in protein synthesis and DNA repair in the body so an increase in magnesium intake may result in healthier nails and hair.


Float Therapy can help to increase motivation, creativity, problem solving, self- awareness and behaviour modification and can help to improve your ability to focus.

Pregnancy pain relief

During pregnancy your body goes through significant changes, hormones are released that allow ligaments and soft tissue around your pelvis to stretch allowing baby enough room to come out. These changes can cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the expecting mother, floating creates a zero gravity environment allowing you to escape and relax, taking all the extra stress off your body.

How to float


Why should we float?

Float therapy helps us escape from the busy and stressful lives we live in, by entering a truly unique environment, which is designed to help you shut out the world, even for a short period of time. This allows your body to reset, recover and rejuvenate, all while you effortlessly lie back and float. Walk away after your session with that post-float glow.

About our Float tanks

Zero Gravity Health uses Dreampod tanks. They boast a modern and sophisticated design and have been built with your comfort and luxury in mind. Dreampods are known for their specious, advanced, hi- tech float tanks and float pools.

Throughout your float you are completely in control of every aspect of your floating experience. You can float with the door open or closed, leave the lights on, or off, you can even enter and exit the pod as you please. The door is light weight and opens easily from the inside at any time.

Dreampod Sanitation

Each float tank contains approximately 550kg of Epsom salt, making it a hostile environment meaning pathogenic organisms can’t survive the salty environment. The Dreampod is well equipped with many features to maintain a high level of hygiene. Each tank contains a 10-micron filter bag, which is capable of filtering debris in the water as small as ¼ the size of a human hair. Any micro- organisms that can survive the extreme salt content of the water are taken care of by being pumped through a UV light. The dream pod features a dual chemical injection system, which helps us maintain a high level of health and safety standards. The sanitation cycle takes place after every float session, leaving the pod super clean and safe for the next floater.

Dreampod V-MAX or Dreampod V2?

Not sure which is more suitable for you? Both the Vmax and the V2 can be used for single floats, they are both very spacious inside the tank and you will enjoy either if floating alone, however our V-max is the big sibling of the V2. The V-MAX caters to slightly larger individuals like athletes, people with mobility issues, anyone who appreciates more space when floating and most importantly it allows us to offer couples or doubles floats. The V-MAX comfortably fits 2 adults without compromising the experience.

Both the V-MAX and V2 pods are in their own individual rooms, where you lock the door behind you for your privacy and you get your own little piece of heaven. All rooms include a shower to use pre and post float, a chair to assist in getting changed and for your personal belongings as well as hooks to hang your clothes. All shower essentials are in the room including shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a towel. As well as additional things that may be required including ear plugs, makeup remover wipes, liquid band aids, and spray on deodorant.

Tips for floating

  • Don’t shave or wax within 24 hours of your float
  • Avoid all stimulants including caffeine, cigarettes, and illegal substances before your float
  • Don’t colour your hair within 14 days prior to your float
  • Don’t fake tan within 7 days prior to your float
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before your float
  • Ensure you use the bathroom prior to entering your float room
  • Remove any makeup, perfume, cologne, deodorant and any other hair or body products
  • Do not float if you have had any contagious diseases (including COVID-19, Gastro, shingles, Cold or Flu, etc), you are required to wait until 14 days after the last symptoms have resolved before floating

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