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About Zero Gravity Health

Zero Gravity Health is a health, wellness, and recovery clinic. It has been designed to provide you with multiple different modalities to cater for your health, wellness, and recovery needs in one convenient and wonderfully positioned area.

After working on the Bellarine Peninsula as a Myotherapist for many years, Ellina felt there was a demand for something a little unique and different in terms of health and wellness clinics. Zero Gravity Health incorporates multiple modalities, to cater to a range of different people and their needs.

We understand everyone has different preferences when it comes to how they want to look after their health and wellness and we wanted to create a space that allows everybody to rest, recover and unwind with whatever modality you choose, that suits your personal needs.

At Zero Gravity Health we provide state of the art Dreampod float pods, for either single or double person floats, allowing you the choice to float alone or with someone to keep you company. We also provide a Sunlighten Sauna, which allows us to offer customizable full- spectrum 3-in-1 infrared heating. Meaning we can customize the sauna experience to your personal preference, some like it hot, some like it just nice and warm. It also has pre-set programs for detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging, cardiovascular, weight loss, and pain relief.

As well as all the above why not check out our Fire and Ice room, also known as hot and cold therapy. This room offers endless opportunities, and you are in full control of your experience, meaning you can just use it as an ice bath, you can do some contrast bathing, or you can enjoy a nice long mineral soak with an optional ice plunge to finish if you like. Last but not least, we offer Myotherapy, provided by an experienced therapist and the owner of Zero Gravity Health.

About Ellina Armstrong
Clinic Owner and Myotherapist


Ellina is lucky enough to call the Bellarine home and has for a very long time. Ellina spent her childhood growing up in and around Portarlington. She attended both kindergarten and primary school in Port, before heading to Bellarine Secondary Collage to complete her secondary studies. After completing her VCE studies in 2010 she attended the Gordon for two years to complete her Diploma Remedial Massage.

After completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage at the end of 2012, Ellina went on to work at a clinic in Ocean Grove for a year, before heading back to the Gordon for another year to complete an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy which she completed in 2014. During her time studying the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy she worked part time at Drysdale Health Group, where she spent over 8 years working alongside the wonderful practitioners there. After completing her studies, she also started working out of Ocean Grove Allied Health and has enjoyed working out of the clinic there for 7 odd years.

Since starting her working career in the industry at the end of 2012, Ellina has been able to assist people from all walks of life, helping people overcome pain and discomfort from their injuries and ailments, allowing them to live life to the fullest. Ellina is extremely grateful to have been able to start her business in 2012 in her local area and has enjoyed building great working relationships with not only her wonderful clients but also the range of practitioners she has worked alongside in the multidiscipline clinics in Drysdale and Ocean Grove, as well as the practitioners she has connections to for referral of clients. She is even more excited to be able to bring Zero Gravity Health - her little work baby - to you, the local community of Portarlington, the Bellarine Peninsula and hopefully people from far and wide.

Zero Gravity Health has been Ellina’s dream for many years. The idea has been bobbing around in her head for a long time and it is an absolute pleasure to see it finally happen. The process of getting it up and running took a little… well a lot, longer than she was hoping for, due to unforeseen circumstances including Covid-19 causing lots of hold ups in the planning and building process. We are super excited to have been able to overcome these hard times and bring Zero Gravity Health to life. We hope that you get as much enjoyment seeing it up and running as we do. Zero Gravity Health was designed to provide you with all your health, wellness, and recovery needs in a convenient and wonderfully positioned area. Who can deny it, that view from the clinic is amazing!

Outside of the clinic Ellina enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and loves being in the great outdoors, at the beach, walking her dogs Evie and Wilbur, wakeboarding, wake surfing, mountain bike riding and doing pilates. Ellina loves to travel and was lucky enough to get in multiple overseas trips before the current global pandemic. Her favourite overseas destinations are Nashville and Hawaii.