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Our Services

Myotherapy, Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Fire & Ice Bath Therapy and Compression Boot Therapy now available.

What is Float therapy?

Float therapy aka sensory deprivation is when you float in a dark, soundproof pod, that is filled with about 1000 litres of water approximately 30cm deep with 550 kg of specially formulated Epsom salts.

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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.

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About our Sauna

The Sunlighten mPulse sauna is a modern European designed sauna. It uses the science of infrared to produce the highest output of Near, Mid and Far- infrared for ultimate health benefits.

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Immerse your body for an invigorating experience. The choice is yours kick back, relax and let the hot water of the Fire bath surround you, take the plunge into the freezing cold water and breathe your way through the ice bath, or why not combine the two...

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The Therabody Air Recovery compression boots are an easy -to- use pneumatic compression system, that is a clinically proven recovery technique.

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